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  1. Hey mate, I love the post and its inspired me to by converting an LWD Delica! My next job is to put the swivel seat in and I was wondering where you got it done as I’m also in Queensland.


    1. Hi Daniel
      Thanks for your comment, I had my seat done at a fabrication shop near MacLean in NSW, sorry I don’t know their name, but most fabrication places should be able to do it easy, it just involves bending and cutting a bit of steel.
      Good luck with your conversion!

  2. Hello I love your videos on ebike so thanks many times! Do you have and email address I need to ask some questions as I am getting one myself pre built. Thanks and pls do more video ride with your ebike.

  3. Hi James,

    I saw your Quad crash analysis on YouTube.
    My quad mysteriously drops out of the sky.

    Could you please have a look? =)


    1. Hi Michael, sorry I haven’t built my own drones in a while, I don’t think I’ll be able to help. Thanks for your message!

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