When it all goes wrong …

I had my first problem with my new Delta 3D printer today.

I was messing around with some of the settings, mostly relating to extrusion amount, retraction and speed. I found some settings online that someone else had posted and  adjusted my existing settings to match.

Then I did something silly. I started a print and left the house.

This is what I found when I returned:11426590_10152898672124856_1003553301_n

The glass print bed had come loose from the base. As I got home and walked in the door, it was slowly being nudged closer to the edge… I think if I’d been half an hour late getting home, it would have fallen off and smashed to pieces!


One of the arms had snapped away from the hot end mount, likely due to the stress of pushing the glass plate around.


The hot end was wrapped in filament.

Thankfully, I was able to glue the broken arm and clean up the excess filament. I’ll be purchasing some replacement arms, but regardless, the printer is back up and running again … with my old settings.

I re-calibrated the printer, and I think that I am now getting even better prints than before. It seems my nozzle height was too high.

Today I learned not to change settings and then leave the printer unattended! Also, if there is a problem, the answer is usually simple, and not buried in a settings menu 🙂

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