Supreme Commander Forged Alliance sound stops working

by on December 10, 2016

Today I had a weird problem where my sound in Forged Alliance would stop working. Here’s the symptoms: Some UI sounds would work like menu buttons When the game starts, sound plays normally for a few seconds and then stops When launching SupremeCommander.exe directly, the intro movie doesn’t play and is a black screen. I […]

Lazy auto take off with APM

by on February 29, 2016

I know that APM supports automatic takeoff, but from my reading on the matter, it wants you to program the takeoff as a mission from the ground control station. This is way too much work, I fly all my APM craft without a GCS at all, I want to just go somewhere and fly. As […]

Proxying MJPEG video for broadcast with Octoprint

by on January 4, 2016

I just set up Octoprint on a Raspberry Pi to manage my Rostock Max V2 3D printer. You can view the webcam, timelapses of existing prints, and other cool stuff at: Problem is that even at extremely low resolutions, my internet connection can’t handle more than one person accessing the webcam. My goal was […]