Delica Roof Racks & Rally Drone Action

I wanted to have solar panels on the roof, and more storage for bulky and dirty items, or things that I don’t use that often.

I decided to buy a full length steel roof rack from 4wdsupacentre. I also got some leg extensions so it would clear my high roof.

It was tricky to install, you’ll need 4 people unless you have a hoist, as it’s very heavy. In hindsight I wish I’d bought a more expensive aluminium rack to save weight, but its served me well now for about 2 years and its great value.

It was around this time that I did some videography work for the Queensland Rally Championship. I took my cameras and Inspire 2 drone and headed up north.

Rear draw working well to store all my gear

The rally was held at Imbil and was the first one I’d been to. It was extremely cold and I was glad to have my electric blanket to keep me warm.

Early start on rally morning, man it was cold!

I followed one of the stewards into the forest and got set up at the end of a long straightaway, in thick forest. It was going to be a challenging location to fly the drone, due to the high trees, and the very high speeds of the rally cars.

I took 3 small handycams that were cheap, as I knew they’d get trashed by the dust and dirt. I set them up on tripods at different angles, and just let them record, while I flew the drone.

I got some great shots in the morning, it was a big learning curve for me. I’d never been to a rally before but I really enjoyed it.

In the afternoon we moved to a different part of the course. This was just before a big hill-climb in a more open area of the forest, so I was able to get some awesome chase shots as the cars went up the mountain.

A rally car zooms past in a cloud of dust, with my Inspire ready to launch

I was really glad I had the Inspire 2, as it can do up to 100kph which you really need when chasing these cars.

I wish I’d taken some more photos but I was flat out shooting the whole day, as the rally cars go by once every 2 minutes, and there’s usually only 20 in the pack. You have to be quick to capture them!

Here’s the finished video – in hindsight I wish I had spent more time on the opening graphics, because they look pretty tacky, but I was so excited to get the video out there I just wanted to get it done

After the BSCC saw the video, they were impressed and asked me to re-edit it into a promo video for their next event. I think I did a much better job on the 2nd go round, and I put to use all my lessons learned when editing:

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