Mitsubishi Delica Modifications List

Here’s a list of all the repairs I’ve made, upgrades, and accessories I’ve added to my Delica since I bought it.

I’ve also included the kilometers at which the work was done and the cost. Prices have been increased randomly and rounded in order to protect the sellers from price-matching, but it should give you an idea of the cost.

You can also click on the mods to get more details.

If you haven’t seen them already, check out my blog posts on my Delica:

Modifications and Upgrades

DateCost (AUD)Description
11/09/17$1000Fitted 4x Yokohama Geolander GEO15 All Terrain 235/75R15 Tyres to replace old set which was supplied by dealer.

15/09/18$30Built a water tank bracket to fit into the spare wheel carrier space under the rear of the van.
15/09/18$195Fitted 65L Water Tank from Trailer Parts Direct
21/09/17$400Built Campervan Fit-out - wooden frame. (Cut by Mister Plywood at Underwood)
31/10/17$800Converted A/C System to front only - blanked off rear AC system. Full Regas and System Clean. Done by Ipswich Auto Electrical.
Removed Rear Cooling/Evaporator unit to make room for future upgrades and save weight. Removed A/C Pipes. Looped Heater System. Performed by Delica Garage.
31/10/17$400Installed t0me HD Bash Plate - fitted by Delica Garage
31/10/17$300Upgraded headlights with Narva H4 LED Conversion Bulbs. Fitted by Delica Garage.
04/08/18$319DIY installed Cruise Control kit - Command AP60B
08/10/17$0Installed first roof rack, came with the van. It was a Japanese clone of Rhino Rack called 'Hino Rack'.
20/05/18$300Replaced the roof rack with a new one - 4wd SupaCentre Steel Flat Rack For Gutter Mount Vehicles with 9" leg extensions.
08/10/17$0Installed awning onto the van. It came with the van when I bought it. It's a Thule Omnistor Light Orlando 2.5m awning. I don't think they make it anymore as I can't find it online anywhere.
30/05/18$240Built a roof storage box, with Solar Panel mounted to the top. Rhino Toolbox 1200 x 550 x 310mm Low Rider Cargo Case

Equipment and Accessories

DateCost (AUD)Description
21/09/17$225Dunn and Watson Titan Series Locking Drawer Slides
21/09/17$1200Dual Zone Fridge Freezer - Waeco CFX-65DZ
21/09/17$150Purchased 4x 2nd hand SLA batteries - 12v / 125AH. Installed 3 of these as there wasn't enough room.
21/09/17$169Porta Potti Qube, 145 - 15 Litres
21/09/17$50Adventure Kings Illuminator 4 Bar Camp Light Kit
21/09/17$30Unearth Caravan Levelling Ramps
25/04/18$3002nd hand Inmarsat Satellite Phone
25/07/18$650Makin Mattresses custom mattress - cut to fit.
16/12/18$250MAXTRAX MK2 Recovery Treads
16/12/18$190Mean Mother Exhaust Jack
16/12/18$30Dr Air 4WD Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit 46 Piece
15/09/18$20Pope 10m Drinking Water Hose
15/09/18$40Companion 1.25 kg Gas Cylinder Blue and adapter
15/09/18$429Joolca HOTTAP OUTING - LPG Portable Shower System
25/06/18$902.6m Telescopic Aluminum Ladder for accessing roof box. Purchased from eBay.
21/09/17$1200Installed Dual Zone Fridge Freezer - Waeco CFX-65DZ
14/10/18$25Fridge temperature sensor - 2x Sensor, Wireless Digital Thermometer
30/05/18$220Fitted 2x 160w Solar Panels from eBay
30/05/18$45Installed an MPPT Solar Regulator Charge Controller 12/24V 20A.

Repairs and Servicing

DateKilometersCost (AUD)Description
11/09/17198774$650Engine Service

Replaced Front Stabilizer Link/Sway Bar Link

Rectified boost issue with vacuum hose and T piece.

Supply and Fit missing engine mount bolts

TPS Adjustment
05/10/17200867$220Fitted 2nd hand Harmonic Balancer
Fitted New A/C belt 13A890
03/01/18203365$1500Fit New Alternator
Fit New 50mm Dobinsons Coil Springs Pair
Fit New Radiator
New L400 Lower Control Arm Front Bush
New L400 Lower Control Arm Rear Bush
Wheel Alignment
17/05/18206920$2750Full Head Replacement
Cylinder Head Kit
New Cylinder Head, with new Valves using original Jap Cam Re Shimmed
Durapro Full Head Gasket and VRS Kit
Dura Pro Head Bolt Set
New Genuine Thermostat
New Full Set Of Drive Belts, New Upper Radiator Hose, New Heater hose, Various hose Clamps and Sealants
10/01/19216250$500Major Engine Service
Martini SintEco 40 10W40 Engine Oil
Engine Filter Package
- Oil Filter
- Air Filter
- Fuel Filter
Labour/Fitting Major Service Includes;
- Free Wheel Rotate & Balance if required
- Full Under Bonnet Fluid Inspection, Test & Top Up
- Full Vehicle Drive Line Inspection & Grease
- Check & Replace Wiper Blades if required
- Check & Replace Driving Light if required
- Tyre Pressure Check
No Wheel Alignment done due to some Suspension Repairs
Being Needed
30/05/19219748$1800Suspension Repairs
L400 Trailing Arm Lower Rear Bushes Worn - Replaced
L400 Trailing Arm Lower Front Bushes Worn - Replaced
Labour / Fitting For Trailing Arm Bushes
Front Sway Bar mounting Bushes 32mm
Rear Sway Bar Mounting Bushes 23mm
HD Rear Stabiliser Link
L400 Gear Box Mounts Including Bracket
LH Outer Tie Rod End Worn - Replaced
LH Steering Rack boot Torn - Replaced
L400 Lower Left Ball Joint Excessive Movement - Replaced
L400 Lower Right Ball Joint Excessive Movement - Replaced
L400 Upper Ball Joint Minor Movement In Both - Replaced
Steering Rack End RHS Minor Movement - Replaced
Full Front Wheel Alignment
07/01/20228082$600Minor Service
Martini SintEco 40 10W40 Engine Oil
Engine Oil Filter
Labour/Fitting Minor Service Includes;
- Free Wheel Rotate & Balance if required
- Full Under Bonnet Fluid Inspection, Test & Top Up
- Full Vehicle Drive Line Inspection & Grease
- Check & Replace Wiper Blades if required
- Check & Replace Driving Light if required
- Tyre Pressure Check
Rear Brake Pads At Minimum Thickness
RDX Gold Rear Brake Pad Set
Rear Brake Disc Rotor Machine
Labour / Fitting For Rear Brake Service


  1. Hey mate do you have any photos of your van. Inside/outside.
    We just bought one ourselves and just trying to get ideas. Cheers

  2. Thanks for this James. It’s good to compare the different jobs people are doing to their Delicas and that you are tracking the work. I may do the same.

    I like your website and the videos – keep it up!

  3. Thanks for all the info, James. Very helpful.
    Are you still happy with Makin Mattresses ?
    Assume you decided that sliding fridge across to side door, for external access, was not important ?

    1. Hey Rob, glad to help!
      Yes the mattress is fantastic, no regrets there!
      I gave up on the sliding fridge. It now sits ontop of a drawer, above my diesel heater. This worked out to be a better use of the space, and it turns out I don’t access the fridge as much as I thought I would. Being able to sit on the bed and get in there is helpful though.

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